Perhaps this might be the most boring bio you have ever seen in your life.

There is a kind of people who like to show off – not show off, really – but to be more precise, in full details explains everything about his or her life, and how it progresses. Now, Internet and blogging services have provided the answer for this kind, to obtain instantaneous popularity (unless you are promoting yourself through Youtube, like how Justin Bieber, or notoriously, Rebecca Black, did). I am, honestly speaking, one of this kind. But I won’t just continually do the blogging about my own life. The world outside there is not the one your, or my, minds easily imagine and conceptualize. As we age, the world becomes more a mysterious, labyrinthine than a sculpturesque realm our childhood-minds used to imagine. There are a lot of weird stories going on everyday, nick-named ‘headlines’ as in newspapers or news cables. The world is a semipternal mystery, as if we really understood what we have perceived . No matter how long you are going to live, it will remain unchanged, forever beyond the ultimate reach of our minds. So do I. I won’t ever last forever. But, at least, from this blog, I could extract a bit of information about the absurdity of this world – and mine, as well.

After more than two years leaving this section unedited, I realize I need to make some new revisions here.

So, Kevin is my actual name. And it’s just Kevin, nothing more. I do have a surname, of course, but the only problem is that Indonesian government has certain regulations by which some may be ineligible for legally approved surnames (and the story’s too long to be mentioned here). I was born in Medan, Indonesia,  January 8th, 1995, exactly on Sunday morning; I spent my first 18 years there until I got admitted to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in August 2013, exactly in Global China Studies.

Ever since I was born, though, I have always felt myself as being utterly different from anyone else.

When I was three, I rarely interacted with my parents and other family members, something so worrying them that they thought I had autistic tendencies.

Secondly, most ethnic Chinese back in my hometown speak ‘broken’ Fujian dialect to each other (one with much code-switching with Indonesian loanwords, though), but I was again another case of rare ‘species’: I talked to them on only two languages, either standard Indonesian or broken Mandarin, the latter by which most of them could hardly understand as a result of the past regime’s anti-Chinese legislation imposed for three decades.

For these oddities I had, I often became a sort of laughing-stock. Not much, but pretty often.

Another thing you could call me weird was that I had written way too many incomplete books, with plots going nowhere and characters messed up in countless parallel worlds. I started experimenting with a fantasy novel back in 2007, followed by 10 other failed books, enmeshing myself into the worlds of science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, political thriller, and larger-than-life megalopolises throughout 6 years (imagine trying to figure out suitable plots for 12 different novels in 6 consecutive years, 2007-2013), until I got out my first, hard-earned, well-planned plot structure on my 12th attempt.

Still, though, my 12th book is another huge peculiarity: imagine an 18-year-old writing an adult book intended for readers older than 21. Is that an imitation of Fifty Shades of Grey? I’ve never read the trilogy, though. The plot, which inspiration I gained from one portrait, is plain simple: a prostitute mom and her children. And next? Well, I’m planning to self-publish it into e-books somewhere in 2014, so I can’t leak so much information regarding this book.

Hans K.C. is my pen-name, but just call it K.C., anyway. I appreciate it much better if you refer to me simply as K.C. Nothing else.

And now in HKUST, I’m also a huge oddity in myself: I’m the only Indonesian student currently studying my ancestral homeland, China, while the others (supposedly 150 or so) are either in Business, Engineering, or Sciences. Imagine how that feels when you became the only one, out of your group, to grab something only you yourself are interested in. Global China Studies. Mentioning that to my friends, often, as an indispensable trait of human nature, makes me nervous. What am I gonna do with that degree? What can I do when I’m the only one in this subject barely anybody outside ever knows about? What, even, is all this, in the end?

Pardon my finesse in overthinking, but once I start to think, my mind contemplation could race, probably in light-speed, to somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn.

Back into my writing hobby. Am I gonna make a million-dollar bestseller, as numerous e-book authors have proven it? Putting that mindset into your tenet is similar to hoping that you win lotteries all the time throughout your lifetime. Of course it is normal that everybody, even deep in his or her subliminal consciousness, dreams of earning such six-digit incomes. And I do as well. Who doesn’t hope that his or her book gets listed on New York Times? Everybody places the high bets on it, and many of them end up in fiasco. Will my book ever be on such lists? That will be so moronic of me to merely focus on the result; I have to perfect up the process.

But one thing I’ve learned, though: nobody wants to be replaced with each other, and thus, each man to his own. Knowing that life, already irrelevantly absurd itself, carries no meanings, I, being borrowed this fragile human body, need to have my own ideals, to have my own thoughts, to be charge of my own life direction, and to have a self-conscious identity of who I really am.

As an end to this boredom-inducing session, I have something important, though only important for me, to announce: I’ve targeted that my novel debut, and also my 12th experiment, be released in 2014. Either it’s beginning, mid, or end of that year, all you have to do is just to return to your normal life. Don’t wait, because there’s nothing important to wait. Hans K.C. will do the promotion for you.

Does this sound too boring? If you consent with that question, then that’s all for my introduction.

5 thoughts on “About

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  2. I wish more people would write blogs like this that are really fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.

  3. “being utterly different from anyone else.” You should, it’s an advice, replace “different” by “crazy”. Because being different distracts you while being crazy devotes you to your work.

    • Oh, really? Although I find it sometimes distracting, being ‘different’ also encourages me to be my own really self. I am not, personally, ready if I have to tell my subconscious mind that I’m ‘crazy’.

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