Short film: The Brain Hack

It starts with the simplest premise: who is God? Who, in the name of Divine Creator as humankind has always looked for inspiration, is the supreme being? How to get close to God, in literal sense?

This 19-minute short film offers a brilliant plot about a computer science major, talented in analyzing geometric patterns across sculptures and artwork across the world, and a film student who teem up together to create the best possible route to discover ‘God’ – that is, by means of some sort of neurological manipulation. Nonetheless, as their experiment has become gradually successful, terrors from a secret religious group begin to disrupt their daily lives. How will the duo cope with the menace?

Watch it till the end. Beware if you have epilepsy, though.

Hint: it has a twist.

Humans of HKUST – Life and everything within the campus


hkust redbird_sketch



(my personal request to everyone reading this blog)


Why you should visit this website: I, and four other friends studying in this university widely known for the ‘stress and tension’ it carries over, are making this project, modeled on Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, to give everyone an elementary understanding about life, ideas, opinions, experiences, and stories that HKUST students, staff, or whoever contributing to this great university, want to share to the public. There may be sad stories, there may be mind-provoking ones, but there are also silly, quirky, and inspiring ones. Every person has different perspectives about life, and of course there are no ways we can enforce our own towards theirs. Therefore, as a sign of appreciation towards diverse mindsets, we create this platform to let everyone know more about what really is happening in this campus.


FB Page:

Israel-Palestine conflict: on choosing a solution




Tragedies can be resolved in one of two ways: there is the Shakespearean resolution and there is the Chekhovian one. At the end of a Shakespearean tragedy, the stage is strewn with dead bodies and maybe there’s some justice hovering high above. A Chekhov tragedy, on the other hand, ends with everybody disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, disappointed, absolutely shattered, but still alive. And I want a Chekhovian resolution, not a Shakespearean one, for the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy.

Quote by Amos Oz, Israeli novelist.


Now, the world still sees a huge tendency for both Israelis and Palestinians to resort Shakespeare’s method. The world gets blinded as eye begets eye.


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A song from my friends


An original song from my senior, my friend, and also a greatly talented singer-songwriter, Aurelia (left). It’s sung altogether with another friend of mine, and also herself a highly gifted singer, Jennifer. Enjoy 🙂


PS: Aurelia got the inspiration for this song after having watched My Sister’s Keeper.

Bonus: follow Aurelia’s channel to listen more to her other self-written songs. And here is another one for Jennifer.

Like these, please

First, I have to admit that the photo submissions for Canon Young Photographers’ Awards – as already expected – didn’t make me win any. Nor did I get into top 1000 among the pictures (I made that list myself).

Nevertheless, I manage to participate again in this latest photography competition organized by Garuda Indonesia. And this competition – despite some of the grammatical errors you probably can see in the instruction, but pardon me for my grammar Nazism – is held on international scale, and includes judges from various countries (I saw many of them originate from US and Europe). This is surely more challenging than the previous race (it’s more focused on Asian scope), but I would really highly appreciate your sincere efforts, plainly simple, in ‘liking’ my three pictures, as I will show the links below:


First picture: Tranquillitas

Second picture:  Symphony in The Sky

Third picture: Selamat Datang!


I even appreciate further for any of you very willing to share my pictures. Thank you!

Promoting my friend’s artwork

First of all, I apologize for posting this on my blog. My friend is an aspiring artist and I’m, literally, helping her to promote her debut work. This drawing is titled ‘A Matter of Time’, inspired by one of Pulitzer Prize-winning Robert Frost’s poems. For more information, you may view it here. It is sold for $22.50, and is available for international shipping for a mere cost of $5. Please like her drawing by clicking the ‘favorite’ button on her Etsy page. It only takes a minute, and does not require any registration. Thank you and good night!


Note: check her Etsy store for more shift (click here). The store is updated once in a month.