Overheard: I thought Ethiopia is a disease!


Teen boy: You mean Ethiopia is a country? I thought it was a disease!


Overheard by: still laughing


Source: Overheard Everywhere (the most reliable site to peep into whatever fallacies your surrounding is talking)

After a full-month hiatus, here’s my latest post….

Well, I’ve got little enough words to say, but this was the very first time in my lifetime my face (altogether with my shorty body) was exposed to TV station, and well, it’s a general-knowledge competition about ASEAN and its member-states!

Note: I bet you won’t be able to see me (hint: I’m the one in the yellow, ornamental Riau Malay clothes)




Click on the link above. Oh, one more thing worth telling you : it’s almost 40 minutes long. Expect no tedium to serve your eyelids.