(Animation) What US thinks of Europe, and vice versa


It’s the artist Aleix Salo at his best. All the major different perceptions of US and Europe by both sides, as well as cultural divisions across the European continent, are very well explored in this hilarious, potato-shaped character’s two-minute short film. Enjoy.

From Africa, to Norway…

Does Africa still need charity, aid, development funds, assistance funds, all you name it, in this century? When you look out at how media often treats the continent – instead of looking it as ‘a continent of 54 nations with varying cultures, backgrounds, and differing interests and strengths’ – as some sort of ‘deplorable entity’, and how it desperately needs international communities for interference in even most basic fields, do we really assume that Africans are so ill-trained that they can even hardly control the most rudimentary needs in their lives?

There’s a wrong mindset that has been circulated for a very long time, and it continues to be perpetuated. Few reports tell us about how Nigeria and Senegal can successfully avoid Ebola cases into a massive outbreak, or how most of the continent remains safe from the pandemic (save for a few small countries in West Africa), or even how, despite a currently high malnutrition rate, the middle-class is rapidly rising in the whole continent? Are we doing all these things for the sake of Africa, or for the good sake of our own goodwill for international reputation?

Eh, okay, this sounds a bit too serious. Forget these words, just watch the video, released by SAIH, a Norwegian-based international development organization (with somehow satirical, farcical-looking videos). I don’t want this post ends up being something like Upworthy.

Bonus: Africans sing together for Norwegians affected by a longitudinal period of Arctic-like weather in this ‘Africa for Norway’ parody. Nah, just a bloke joke for self-serving people who ‘do good’ for the continent.

Food porn, on a literal sense (should it be NSFW?)


You assume that tag you always expect from Instagram users? Not necessarily true on the beginning, but let’s just see how San Francisco-based The Bold Italic – the mastermind behind this supposedly un-NSFW idea – creates two possible kinds of porn here: literal porn involving fruits, vegetables, and sauces, and the other one, that Instagram one where you can upgrade it, if you like, into ‘foodgasm’.

Watch it, and think again.

How to watch Jaws in just one minute

jaws meme




Everyone watching this old, classic Steven Spielberg-ish flick will of course remember the ‘savagery’ presented by this shark, but now with the advent of technology – always, always say thank you to technology, any movie plots that normally last for two hours can now be condensed into one minute (or if you want to, only 30 seconds!).

And here are these three videos, the first made by a UCLA animation student, the second by 1A4 studio, and the last one featuring bunnies. No censors are necessary.




‘Her’, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman

‘What does a baby computer call its father? Pigfuck!’

Now imagine this: what if, just what if, Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with a Siri-like computer system that were, rather filled by Scarlett Johannson, voiced by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and tickled him everyday for wet pussy jokes?

Spike Jonze (from an alternate universe) presents ‘Har’.

Note: My deepest condolence goes to Hoffman’s passing out on Sunday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sings ‘Let It Go’


Arnold Schwarzenegger shatters your Disney childhood dream with his own version of ‘Let It Go’.

Let It Go sounds nice and touching in whatever languages, and whoever sings it in golden voices (Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato in), but when you tune in to Schwarzenegger’s Mr.Freeze singing – the villain in that Joel Schumacher’s most miserable flop, Batman and Robin –  you will get this one impression.

Your ears bleed, figuratively.

The ‘handjob’ that is safe for children (not NSFW)

No, don’t expect anything erotic or hard-core porn here; it’s a brand-new, better-sounding multi-grip system named Handjob that helps you opening up cans.

And ‘only’ for 5 US$, this website can satisfy your special ‘needs’ here: ineedahandjob.com

Note: I could have not discovered such idiosyncrasy were it not for Culture Pub, a French website dedicated to curating weird and originally creative advertisements worldwide. It has a channel in Youtube titled ‘The Ad Show’.