This is probably from Probably Ministry of Probably Tourism




I probably took this picture last year, probably on an airport probably named Phnom Penh International Airport, probably located in Phnom Penh, probably the capital of probably Kingdom of Cambodia.

*found in the airport last year, actually. Ignore these ‘probably’ words.

Only in Indonesia: waves of trash

Trash Slick



No, this is not part of ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ you always see advertised in foreign media. But, you can’t deny the reality as well.

And this is what the photographer, Zak Noyle, told after taking the picture, as seen above: It was crazy. I kept seeing noodle packets floating next to me. It was very disgusting to be in there; I kept thinking I would see a dead body of some sort for sure.

Noted: bulk of our nation hasn’t succeeded in maintaining the pristine, otherworldly beauty of our country. And see, it’s all happened.

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