My Unfinished Novels: graveyard for failed books



Why you should visit this website: Because it is, literally, a final resting place for all these would-have-been bestselling books, or could-have-been award-winning fiction works.

Well, truth be told, personally, I have also composed 11 failed books throughout the last 7 years, with topics intermittently changing, firstly fantasy, then switching to science fiction, flash forward to social realism, political-corporate thrillers, satirical black comedy, and so forth. I don’t manage to finish all these stories, though; oftentimes, as virtually all novelists share in common with, we are getting stuck by how to continue with the plots. Or why the characters, out of the blue, are acting out weirdly beyond our original plan. Or why the final ending becomes completely contradicted with our initial drafts. Or just that we couldn’t even find out the ending itself (which turns out, possibly, into a brand-new Kafkaesque work). And, yes, it’s a painful experience if we all, specially for writers, recall about these moments. Now, in my 12th attempt, I do really put my expectation to finish it, and of course, the path towards completion itself will not be that easy.

My Unfinished Novels was started by Steve Wilson, also a failed novelist (he struck it six times), and now a successfully published non-fiction author. Based on his own heartbreak following the repeated fiasco he faced in publishing his novels, he obtained the idea of getting these works, instead into the trash bins, at the least some ‘worthwhile exposure’ from the world’s audience. That their ideas were somehow not that trashy; it’s just that everyone might get stuck in the middle of the process. Now, everyone can even upload these failed works, and, if you get a lightning of inspiration, why won’t you try to finish it, though?

Thank you, Steve!