From Africa, to Norway…

Does Africa still need charity, aid, development funds, assistance funds, all you name it, in this century? When you look out at how media often treats the continent – instead of looking it as ‘a continent of 54 nations with varying cultures, backgrounds, and differing interests and strengths’ – as some sort of ‘deplorable entity’, and how it desperately needs international communities for interference in even most basic fields, do we really assume that Africans are so ill-trained that they can even hardly control the most rudimentary needs in their lives?

There’s a wrong mindset that has been circulated for a very long time, and it continues to be perpetuated. Few reports tell us about how Nigeria and Senegal can successfully avoid Ebola cases into a massive outbreak, or how most of the continent remains safe from the pandemic (save for a few small countries in West Africa), or even how, despite a currently high malnutrition rate, the middle-class is rapidly rising in the whole continent? Are we doing all these things for the sake of Africa, or for the good sake of our own goodwill for international reputation?

Eh, okay, this sounds a bit too serious. Forget these words, just watch the video, released by SAIH, a Norwegian-based international development organization (with somehow satirical, farcical-looking videos). I don’t want this post ends up being something like Upworthy.

Bonus: Africans sing together for Norwegians affected by a longitudinal period of Arctic-like weather in this ‘Africa for Norway’ parody. Nah, just a bloke joke for self-serving people who ‘do good’ for the continent.