Infographics: how China’s investment is starting to grab the world

china overseas projects



Think of these questions: who is now building the highways in a lower-middle-income African country? Who is now building oil terminals in a country long imposed with economic sanctions by United States and its allies? Who is now assembling satellites, or any high-tech paraphernalia, for a resource-rich country with limited well-trained manpower? And who is now buying up companies back in Western countries, when in fact no developed countries are adequate of cash, struggling with their own debt ceilings and increasingly heavy social-security burdens?

The recent research conducted by The Heritage Foundation, an American conservative think-tank based in Washington D.C., has revealed one surprising fact about the current superpower’s largest rival: China is now the answer for all the questions above. And, as we can see in the image, the total amount of money Chinese enterprises, either government- or private-owned, has poured in the last 8 years, is now soaring to nearly 700 billion US$, practically tantamount to the sums by which then-President George W. Bush budgeted to rescue the ailing US economy back in 2008.

The presence of ‘Chinese money’ itself has been significantly heartfelt everywhere, whether it is under the well-asphalted wide-lane highway network in African countries, petrochemical industrial zones in any Middle Eastern or any oil-rich countries elsewhere, or even within the huge rows of apartment towers being constructed in emerging markets’ major cities. And what can the US government learn from this brand-new phenomenon?


Read the full reports on The Heritage Foundation.

Bonus: you can find out the full list of Chinese business projects overseas – all in all up to 800, scattered in hundreds of countries, and compiled from 2005 to 2013 – by downloading the Excel file here: China-Global-Investment-Tracker2013


Note: the file itself is created by The Heritage Foundation.