Movie title: The Rescue

the rescue



Or make it like this: he used to be a millionaire, but ended up poor for his addiction to gambling and drugs throughout the Great Depression. Somehow, unexpectedly, after NAZI rose to power, and persecution of German Jews began, he became a hero, though after the World War II, he met his own tragic ending. You could decide how his life would end, whether he was deported to Siberia or to arid desert in Central Asia. You choose.

‘Impossible’ movie title: Swastika In Istanbul

swastika in istanbul



In parallel universe.

A pipe-smoking film producer who gradually becomes deaf. A prisoner who has passion in making films. And a Nazi in a time when Adolf Hitler was still an early teenager and wanted instead to become an architect, who ended up involved in their love affair, embodied in an intricate love triangle.

Yes, in a distant parallel universe, far far away.