A tribute to penises (quite NSFW)


Honestly, this is – oddly sounding enough – a ‘religious’ tradition in Kawasaki, one of Japan’s major cities. In fact, the ceremony, named Kanamara Matsuri, is annually held in one of the city’s main Shinto shrines.

Still, though, despite all the ‘bizarre’ assumption you create out of your mind, respect people’s cultures.

Source: Time Travel Turtle


The shrine has been the place for people with penises in their prayers for more than four centuries. In the 1600s, this area was full of prostitutes and they would come here to ask for protection from sexually-transmitted diseases. Over time, people started coming to pray for fertility, long marriages, healthy births… and then (somehow) the penis symbology got twisted (sounds painful) to also represent a successful business and a prosperous life (try telling that to Tiger Woods!). 

Inside America’s dildo industry

american dildo



Published on Buzzfeed in May 2013, a journalist entered what is dubbed ‘America’s largest dildo factory’, to get in-depth insight about the current situation of the industry that has also sustained porn, and other related industries, as it is increasingly facing an intense competition from China. Read the full article here.


It is here, in this cavernous warehouse vibrating with the hums and murmurs of a bustling 500-person workforce, that one of the last bastions of old-fashioned American manufacturing labors on, using 2.5 million pounds of rubber per year to churn out a staggering 15,000 sex toys per eight-hour day, which amounts to 5 million a year. Dongs, cock rings, dick pumps, pocket pussies, strokers, suckers, strap-ons, ticklers, teasers, vibrators, ropes, whips, ball gags, anal invaders, pussy trainers, and “love spit ” lubricant pour out of here at a rate that would wow Henry Ford.

But if you look at almost any rubber vagina or string of anal beads today, they will be embossed with the epitaph that decimated much of American manufacturing: “MADE IN CHINA.” According to a 2010 estimate, 70% of sex toys produced in the world are made there; 50% of those were imported to four U.S. companies — California Exotics Novelties, Pipedream, Doc Johnson, and to a lesser extent, Topco — that dominate American sex toy sales. While the others do the bulk of their manufacturing overseas, Doc Johnson is the only one manufacturing most of its products here in the U.S. of A.