Son of Hamas

son of hamas


Israel-Palestine conflict, we all admit, has encompassed historical, geographical, political, and religious perspectives, and on contemporary times, is one grave mistake made by previous superpower, British Empire. The land the two nations currently stand on bear witness to centuries-old conflicts among various competing groups, each with their own political and hegemonic agenda: Romans, Israelite, Christians, Muslims, Ottomans, and most recently, between Israelis and Palestinians. In 20th century, Ottoman Empire lost control of the territory, and ceded it to British government under a mandate. First, it was the Arabs who were promised land. Then with the outbreak of World War II and its aftermath, Jewish refugees flooded the land, having been promised the similar home as the Arabs were by the British administration. The conflicts, now exacerbated as a colonial by-product, became increasingly intense between two different groups, and 1948 was the year it geared up into a climax with Israel proclaiming itself as an independent nation. They fought countless wars; yes, they didn’t stop fighting wars with Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and many other Middle Eastern countries else, but almost never in a single instance did the country catastrophically lose.

Nonetheless, aside of all brouhaha mainstream media reports about the ongoing tensions in Middle East, numerous questions remain. Who is Israel actually fighting against? Are they fighting the entire Palestine, or are they simply fighting against Hamas, an Islamist organization now designated as ‘terrorist’ by international governments, now based in the secluded, densely-populated Gaza Strip? Why is Israel always blamed for the casualties, but never before has anyone ever attempted to investigate what is actually happening within the factions in Palestine? Is Israel doing it only for the sake of ‘international exposure’, one certainly tantamount to ‘self-defamation’? Or is there a hidden motivation within the conflict the media either doesn’t, or doesn’t want to dig further?

Mosab Hassan Yousef, a former Hamas member, explains all the details in his book, Son of Hamas, all of which you have barely expected before. You can read the book online, for free, by downloading the PDF file below:


Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son of Hamas