Movie title: The Cuckoo’s Nest Flew Over One

the cuckoo's nest flew over one


Say that this is a Milos Forman film set in a parallel universe far, far away.

Imagine the main character, rather than a recidivist, is a normal Jewish-American guy, who cheated his wife by raping a prostitute he failed to realize was an underage (now he’s a cuckold), and having his secret blackmailed by the girl, ended up shooting her on the forehead. Having killed someone, he’s now imprisoned, but he later gradually develops mental illness, becomes slowly sadistic towards everyone on his circle, and afterwards, having been driven by excessive envy towards his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, plans a shooting spree outside the cell.

Hmm, I kinda imagine either Coen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino creating this film (that should be a noir afterwards).

Okay, it’s another tormenting plot I randomly click and save from TIME’s Oscar algorithm.