Dear ladies, she wants you (only if totally ready) to shave your heads


Carly Pandza (Sinead O’Carly) is not joking about this notion; she is now organizing a huge event on it! The Los Angeles-based artist and social activist has been making that breakthrough since last year, and through that mind-provoking courage, she wants us to break a stigma not only about people worldwide who are suffering from baldness, assuming it as ‘divine punishment’. There are people suffering from cancer, having finished their strings of chemotherapy, or from alopecia, trichotillomania, and what have you, and this is heartbreaking particularly for women. And Carly has succeeded in breaking ‘the wall in the mind’ with her bald head now.

But, again, as we see from reality, not all people in the world, not all men, not all women, are willing to go hair-free. Nonetheless, at least, we now can learn a new perspective from Carly, showing that with or without hair, people should not be judged solely by their physical appearances or flaws.

Abroad, we’ve heard a lot about headshaving charities (I think there’s only one in Indonesia so far) overseas, and Carly Pandza is making that effort through ‘You Are Not Your Hair‘, a one-day female-only massive campaign held in Los Angeles by which she’s targeting approximately 200 courageous, mentally ready women to get their heads completely shaved. This event will be held on August 16 this year, and you can view her promotional video above. Only if you really, really, really want to.

Now, I must admit that you are gorgeous.


Bonus: Carly shares her experiences about going hair-free in The Bald Movement.