One step closer to living forever (?)


Aubrey de Grey is one of few experts on ‘immortality’, besides eccentric-minded yet simple-looking out-of-the-box thinker, Ray Kurzweil, who believes that as time goes by, humankind will not cease evolving, and he has projected – in an optimistic, straight-line manner  – that the current human beings born may be able to celebrate their 150th birthday, and one day, if there have been invented any medications which are able to de-activate, and furthermore, eliminate the aging genes responsible for the weakening of our organs and the wrinkles on the skin, forever. Despite intense opposition from majority of the scientists, he remains insistent on his radical idea, which may one day, just like any other modern-day inventions, alter the way the whole world lives. One day later, we might expect a daughter, a mother, and a grandma of the entirely similar, unchanged body shapes, like the ones shown in a sci-fi thriller film starring Justin Timberlake, In Time.


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