Movie title: The Reluctant Zionist

the reluctant zionist


As the definition ‘Jew’ above may be somewhat unclear and more than ambiguous (which Jew you are talking about? Israeli Jew? American Jew? Or ‘somewhat-somewhat’ self-claiming Jew?), I’ll personally choose to modify that person, most suitably a man (without intending to be a sexist), as an Israeli Jew.

So I’ll make the plot like this: he’s a Holocaust survivor, a Polish Jew, and under the auspices of hope of a new Jewish state, migrated to Israel. He fought for the country’s independence, despite the fact that he had to ‘commit necessary evil’ against the original Arab inhabitants, and subsequently won the trust to become a government officer, in particular in consular affairs. He was appointed to represent Israeli government in global stage, but as time went by, his Zionist identity began to be questioned. Having seen the government’s somewhat irascible foreign-affairs dealings, and in particular the insider corruption and abuse of power, the man started to question his existence of life as well.

It was all until he secretly leaked some of the state secrets to a journalist, and his life is soon in deep troubles…


NB: any notes for improvement?