How Facebook is unofficially converted into a gigantic charity body


Last Thursday, my English tuition teacher, Miss Erica, took on her Blackberry, showing me a commiserating picture of a little Chinese girl, with Cyclopian, larger-than-herself abdomen. Initially, I felt sympathetic to this girl, so heart-wrenching until I found a message, as delicately typed below and beside the four pictures: Facebook will give $1 for each share. To this girl’s family…so plz share this picture and help this girl.

One question aroused my mind: hey, Facebook has just recently had the largest social-networking, most scam-and-hoax-contaminated website in the world, with capitalization amounting to inordinately 10 billion US$ or so, listed in NYSE. Does Facebook so kindly offer some of the funds they have raised in the stock exchange (a more official cognomen for casino, truthfully speaking) in full trust of the tithing advantages that may believably increase your affluence and opulence tenfold, to outcompete Google?

Back to the case of that big-bellied Chinese girl. In few minutes, I had discovered some loopholes over the information explained by that picture. It did not inform about the girl’s identity. It did not notify us about her whereabouts. And, lastly, it did not report the time occurring while these pictures were being taken. What on earth is this? We didn’t know where this girl came from. She might simply be a Mongoloid girl, with leeways of her origin varying from either Mongolia to North or South Korea, or Japan, indeed (though the last country has the lowest probability rate). You might also do not know whether the girl has actually recovered or not. The date is never let on, and even the slightest bit of her identity was not revealed in the picture. We only recognized her as ‘the one with big bellies’, or ‘the pitiful Chinese girl with stomach seemingly ready to explode’ and we didn’t know her real name, and that’s the main problem!

After 5 minutes, I immediately summed up my conclusion: this is, has been, and will always be a scam that manipulates your commiseration. I attempted to identify who on earth this girl is, who has been continually making me curious. I used the ‘facebook charity scam’ as the main keyword on Google to track down the information, but it turned out null and void, as most of the search results were instead about ‘baby-with-cancer scams’, or ‘charity scams by masquerading, by incognito, as notable charity organizations asking Facebook users to help donating and promoting programs’. Only after I re-wrote  ‘facebook will donate 1 dollar for every share’ – and exactly one week after – I managed to get further info about this girl at the hoax-leaking website named Hoax-Slayer.



After further examination, the first thing I was able to obtain was the girl’s real name: Hu Yunxing. Another thing disclosed might have to be her hometown: Shanxi Province, China. And, lastly, the moment the photos were all taken: November 2010, and she has, as told in a news report by state-owned and Communist-monitored China Daily, fully recovered from what the physicians perceived to be Budd-Chiari syndrome, a Hepatic vein disorder that shuns blood from circulating beyond the liver which causes an abnormal swelling over her stomach, largely thanks to the donation by myriad Chinese citizens who shared the sympathy for this little girl. She was fully discharged of any intensive medical care commencing effectively on February 2011, after having her belly circumference diminished drastically from originally 108 to 40 cm (see the picture above).

Facebook users, perhaps the money promised to be ‘donated’ has gone somewhere to any unknown start-up business by these Machiavellians. Who knows?



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