Like these, please

First, I have to admit that the photo submissions for Canon Young Photographers’ Awards – as already expected – didn’t make me win any. Nor did I get into top 1000 among the pictures (I made that list myself).

Nevertheless, I manage to participate again in this latest photography competition organized by Garuda Indonesia. And this competition – despite some of the grammatical errors you probably can see in the instruction, but pardon me for my grammar Nazism – is held on international scale, and includes judges from various countries (I saw many of them originate from US and Europe). This is surely more challenging than the previous race (it’s more focused on Asian scope), but I would really highly appreciate your sincere efforts, plainly simple, in ‘liking’ my three pictures, as I will show the links below:


First picture: Tranquillitas

Second picture:  Symphony in The Sky

Third picture: Selamat Datang!


I even appreciate further for any of you very willing to share my pictures. Thank you!