‘I’m an American father of two Asian kids, not a pedophile.’

italian woman in shame

The Italian tourist the blogger captured, a humiliation to herself and the mistaken ‘rapist’.


An American expat living in Cambodia shared his quirky experiences of being mistaken by an Italian tourist – thinking herself as a ‘Nick Kristof-esque’ heroine –  as a ‘flirtatious old European guy being serviced by two underage prostitutes’, when indeed these two kids are his own children.


She held up her camera, pointed at it and said, “Internet!” I wasn’t sure I got the meaning so I said “what?” She pointed at her camera again and said with a smirk, “Internet,” pointed at me and said, “you pedo!” Hearing clearly but not wanting to make a mistake I stepped closer to her and asked again. She repeated, “Photo you, internet, you pedo…for police,” in a distinctly Italian accent. I said something like “These are my children.” She just shook her head and started to raise her camera again. I said, “You want police? You want to call the police?” She nodded. I said, “I’ll call police.” She nodded again and we stepped to the side of the pavement together. My children backed off a few steps, frightened by the obvious tension in our voices. I pulled out my phone, called my staff and asked them to call the police and I called the police myself as well. I told them where I was and asked them to come quickly.’


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