Quotes (and all the philosophical confusion about the world)


– I always hear ‘scientists who contribute to the betterment of the world’, but I seldom hear ‘economists who contribute to the betterment of the world.’ –

*more sadly, is, it would have been miraculous if there were really ‘bankers who contribute to the betterment of the world’.

– One main point of business schools they would never directly tell you: you need to gather much bravery to be very, very greedy. –

– Asking a world-class scientist to become a president is like asking a world-class banker to explain about nuclear thermodynamics. –

*but, it’s awesome, isn’t it, if the banker truly comprehends about the topsy-turvydom of the atomic sciences, just like how the person managed the daily labyrinth of the financial industry? Hope that Habibie or Baradei may comprehend this quote.

– The more you try to understand the world, the one step closer you are to insanity. –

– It is much harder to comprehend what is in the mind of a philosopher than what is in the mind of a criminal. –

*but psychopaths and philosophers are both similarly difficult to understand, as well.

– No matter how devilish a dictator is, he/she still has supporters. –

*take a look at Ratko Mladic.

– Well, believe it or not, but you will (not) believe this: more universities and more colleges ensure higher economic growth, at the same time the unemployment rates become ‘more’, too, not ‘less’. –

– If you wanted to create everlasting world peace, eliminate mass media right now. –

*the problem is, I (and a billion others) am a media-addict.

– If there were no conflicts in the world, there would not be Nobel Peace Prize, altogether with Nobel Prize for Literature, anymore. –

– What I can conclude from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan is this: even boasters can become prominent economists. –

– This is my main concern of one main weakness of democracy: people tend to elect handsome or pretty leaders who can not think and work properly. –

*read Warren Harding’s Problem in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink.

– Technology makes us live smarter, but less wiser at the same time. –

– And the truth is: it is similarly difficult to do either a good or a bad deed in this world. –

– As social creatures, humankind (except a few I had better not mention their names in order to avoid me from getting any lawsuits) will always never be unbiased from others’ opinions. –

*for the conclusion part, read the quote above.

– A man who claims himself ‘generous’ is always ‘arrogant’. –

– This is an analogy for resources-rich countries that are poor: a rich person who doesn’t know how to unlock a safe in which all his money is stored. –

*worse, he may call conmen who disguise as consultants to unlock it.

– Someone who claims oneself incorruptible may have an ambiguity: they are really so, or they may have set the prices too high. –

– The source of all conflicts in the world begins when you are either absolutely obsessed or disgusted in something. It is similarly dangerous as well if you agree all the quotes I have written. –

– Most of the people that I know choose majors (in schools or in universities) based on trend, but not from their own deepest interests. –

– I’m sorry but I’ve forgotten the man who mentioned this quote (he’s some kind of financial academicist in China): a financial engineer gets paid 100 times higher than a engineer does. An engineer builds a bridge. A financial engineer builds a dream. But when the dream turns into nightmares, people pay for it. –

Closing quote:

– Modified from Socrates’ quote: I know that I do not know what I do not know that I think I know.