Beauty craze in South Korea


It may be some sort of rarity in South Korea for either any actors or actresses to have had admitted attaining what the youth dashingly dub as ‘ul-jjang’, or ‘best face’  in Korean, through plastic surgery, which are sometimes life-threatening. But, to say the least, some have confessed having so, one example revealed by a South Korean actress, Nam Gyu-ri (pictured above).

Plastic surgery has increasingly become a must-have trend among the youth in a country, driven by its spectacular economic growth the world hailed as ‘being miraculous’, which has enabled millions of citizens there to have their faces beautified, commonly under the knife. According to surveys by various media sites, in particular BBC and CNN, it is estimated that more than 50% of the population aged 20s have had in minimum one form of plastic surgery, excluding other treatments. Within the celebrities, the actual figure may be even higher, as some put in more than 90%. What’s worse, for the first time in Korean history, statisticians have recorded more plastic surgery than healthcare clinics in terms of quantity, while the populace, currently numbered at 50 million, is gradually aging, obviously shown by its near-zero population growth.

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