This is probably from Probably Ministry of Probably Tourism




I probably took this picture last year, probably on an airport probably named Phnom Penh International Airport, probably located in Phnom Penh, probably the capital of probably Kingdom of Cambodia.

*found in the airport last year, actually. Ignore these ‘probably’ words.

The exploding man

the screaming man



The whole China was left dumbfounded when a man on a wheelchair set off a bomb to himself in Beijing’s international airport last Saturday (20/7).

This man, identified as Ji Zhongxing, claimed that he was a victim of the country’s ‘ravaging’ political and social injustice. He claimed he was captured by local police in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, for owning an illegal motorcycle taxi, but was then severely beaten until he was left paralyzed.

Furthermore, he said that he had petitioned Beijing for a review of his case, but to no avail. He was forced to cover up the court fees, his parents died afterwards, and he ended up burdened in debts. In the climax that followed, setting up explosives was his Hobson’s choice in voicing out his frustration.

The public media itself – and bloggers alike – were largely divided in analyzing this occurrence. Some believed he was ‘victim of the state illegitimacy’, while others, on the other hand, alleged that he was acting like a lone wolf.


And what do you think about this case?


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