The CIA torture report

The Guardian - A global network for CIA torture


The latest CIA report released in US Senate today brings shockwave to international communities and governments. Spanning over a decade since 911 tragedy, US government has launched numerous attacks, raids, strikes, bombings, and invasions across countries it targets as ‘perilous for global order’. But the report released today brings the atrocities associated with the superpower into an even more Middle Age-esque, gruesome reality: physical, psychological, and mental torture towards either terrorists or, most ironically, ‘suspected terrorists’ – they may possibly be only political opponents of authoritarian regimes supported by US government.

The torture techniques are indescribably dehumanizing, brutal, and excruciating: while waterboarding – an idea by George W. Bush – has been often used, others are more terrifying: rectal rehydration (feeding through enema instead of mouth), arms shackled above their heads, chained to a wall, sleep deprivation over one week, and even torturing and murdering their families, who may be innocent and unbeknownst of their members’ wrongdoing.

Worse: it is not just US government that solely does the torture itself. Over 56 countries and regions – the list which surprisingly also includes Hong Kong – have participated, either directly or indirectly, in CIA’s extraordinary rendition program. Even US’ vocal (or not so vocal) opponents like Iran and Malaysia indirectly assist in transferring terrorists to CIA for their torture activities. Tragedy that seemingly repeats itself.

And Obama’s administration has not even fulfilled the promise of ‘closing Guantanamo Bay prison’.


Download the 216-page report released by Open Society Foundations to know more in details about CIA torture program.

Bonus: an article in The Guardian – one in a series of stories related to CIA torture program.

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