Dear metal fans, this is Babymetal




Telling from their appearance, you may be forgiven to assume they are simply ‘another so-so, mainstream J-pop group’. I personally find it hard to identify their genre, precisely, but here’s what I can sum up. It’s still a J-pop girl band, definitely, but this time, with a rather electronic, catchy, and of course, metal touch, a touch that no longer involves screeching, screaming, intense headbanging (to a certain extent there still is), and ear-deafening tones. Boundaries between music genres are becoming increasingly blurred, and these girls are now here to shutter our previous stereotyping about what ‘metal’ actually is about. Welcome to 21st century, headbangers.

Bonus: an NPR article about the Japanese group which consists of three ‘baby-faced’ teenage girls singing metal lyrics in cute, puppy style.


One video you can listen below:



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