Infographics: United Against Islamic State

strange bedfellows


They are enemies, they are archrivals, and they have conflicting ideologies against each other. The web as you see above looks particularly very intricate, given each country’s animosity towards each other. Nonetheless, one thing has put everything aside for a while: the rise of Islamic State (ISIS), a ‘pseudo, outdated, and rather anarchic Islamic hegemony’ which seeks a 7th-century-style governance amid the times of 21st century (a biting impediment towards Type 1 civilization). These countries all have one thing in common: its establishment is a dangerous precedent, and it should be eliminated. Indeed, it is just a start. Strange bedfellows will soon find themselves working together, uneasily united in an unexpected vantage point of history.

Check the graphics in Wall Street Journal to find out more about each of the links (with different colors) above.



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