Understanding human affliction through Donna Donna


An originally Yiddish song, sung by Joan Baez, about ‘a calf being led to slaughter’. Written somewhere during the onset of World War II – and also the Holocaust – it firstly analogizes the mass annihilation of Jews by NAZI Germany. Now, the song can be used to describe any kinds of tragedies befalling humanity.

‘A History of Violence’, by Steven Pinker




The ‘truth’ posited by most mass media reports – in regard to all recent forms of violence worldwide in 21st century – is that the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to live, where the binding assumption is that ‘people are more and more getting easily killed and wounded, and humanity is becoming more savage than ever’.

Steven Pinker proves it as fatally wrong, though. In his assertion, instead, the world is becoming an ever more peaceful civilization within these modern times. And he has a huge data set of statistics to disprove today’s conventional consensus.

Read his complete explanation in Edge.




The extraordinary 65-year stretch since the end of the Second World War has been called the “Long Peace”, and has perhaps the most striking statistics of all, zero. There were zero wars between the United States and the Soviet Union (the two superpowers of the era), contrary to every expert prediction. No nuclear weapon has been used in war since Nagasaki, again, confounding everyone’s expectations. There have been no wars between any subset of the great powers since the end of the Korean War in 1953. There have been zero wars between Western European countries. The extraordinary thing about this fact is how un-extraordinary it sounds. If I say I’m going to predict that in my lifetime France and Germany will not go to war, everyone will say, “Yeah, yeah; of course they won’t go to war.” But that is an extraordinary statement when you consider that before 1945, Western European countries initiated two new wars per year for more than 600 years. That number has now stood at zero for 65 years.

And there have been zero wars between developed countries at all. We take it for granted nowadays that war is something that happens only in poor, primitive countries. That, too, is an extraordinary development; war used to be something that rich countries did, too. Europe, which traditionally has been the part of the world with the biggest military might, is no longer picking on countries in other parts of the world, or hurling artillery shells at one other with the rest of the world suffering collateral damage. This change has been extraordinary.