Infographic: wealthiest Americans by state

Movoto - Wealthiest Americans by State


One question: is wealth gap in United States becoming increasingly high? The answer is one obvious yes. When you look at some states (see Washington, New York, or Kansas, or any place where someone named ‘Walton’ and ‘Koch’ lives), you realize how increasingly huge that inequality is. But, again, as a consequence of capitalism, such phenomenon is inevitable. What can we learn from this infographic? Firstly, American government is not doing enough to address this social issue (unfortunately they have been faced with way too many self-interested lobbyists). Secondly, some of these billionaires are in manifold much richer than dozens of Third World countries (Bill Gates or Warren Buffett may have bought some fanciful little countries, if they would like to). But, this can be a double-edged sword toward us: America, despite all its inherent problems, remains a huge land of opportunity, where people from all backgrounds can succeed (if they work hard and have enough luck for their lifetime). The other America, though, is when there are not enough efforts made to empower the impoverished with sufficient skills, somehow. We’ll just hope that gap narrows a bit.

Source: Movoto



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