If you still remember: how to capture a robber without killing everyone


Almost nobody has ever talked about Hsieh Kuo-cheng other than Ig Nobel Prize enthusiasts and extremists; if you do still remember, if you do still very patiently browse every single bizarre, absurd, but oftentimes scientifically provoking article posted in Marc Abraham’s Improbable Research blog, you can refer to this 2007 article about the Taiwanese inventor who built up a special win-win device which neither kills the victims nor the perpetrators themselves.

NB: Even Hsieh Kuo-cheng’s life has been marked with mysteries. Briefly after his invention, he disappeared somewhere else, presumed to be either dead or killed by some syndicate displeased with his product, only to secretly appear in Ig Nobel Prize ceremony held in the same year, with few people having known the reasons he did so. Yeah, that’s pretty a mystery.

Anyway, the video above is released in 2007, so this post must have been outdated itself for 7 years.

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