Movie title: Peccatrix



It was the worst New York City of the times back in 1970s. Homicides, gang wars, drug smuggling, and abject poverty were visible signs almost everywhere throughout the metropolis. The whole nation had received its double blow from their humiliating defeat in Vietnam and the oil embargo imposed by Arab countries. Poverty stroke millions of people heavily in the United States, and criminal scenes were overwhelmingly commonplace.

And something shocking took place in Bronx. An African-American teenager was apprehended after having robbed and killed an old Jewish store-owner couple. Nonetheless, there was a loophole in his case: his right arm was physically deformed, and it was highly impossible that he could commit the case single-handedly. Critics suspected that the police were physically coercing him to confess a misdeed he had never done before. Divisions within the police became widespread, as there were allegations that some of the personnel were actually manipulating the case by their own.

What’s actually taking place behind the scenes? Was the teenager the sole suspect in the robberies? Or the police were hiding a more mysterious motive?


NB: it’s your turn to complete the missing plot. Oh, anyway, as for the movie title, ‘peccatrix’ is Latin word for ‘sinner’.

Movie title: We Need To Talk About Justin

we need to talk about justin


This boy (not that bad-ass, almost-fully-tattooed one we’re talking about) was what Hollywood could term as ‘all the children’s living dream’. He starred in numerous children-themed films, earned millions of dollars in every single paycheck, and his presence, everywhere nearly round the globe, was circumnavigated by swarms of reporters anxious to know his latest events every single time. Nonetheless, as time goes by, the boy is increasingly faced with childhood problems, is struggling to cope with the transition towards adulthood, and his fate is exacerbated when his parents divorced, and were engaged in violent confrontations in regard to the management of their son’s assets. His career gradually domino-ed into a mess, entered a vicious underworld, satisfied his lust with numerous women, controversially earning him a new, notorious reputation.

His ex-manager, Iceboat Brown*, shares his secrets about the boy, so-called Justin, to a television journalist. Here, he leaks all his darkest life secrets public outside has barely known before. Will the boy ever rise from his point of nadir and transform himself into a better person?



*you know who this person I’m referring about