Infographic: How powerful is your passport?

passport infographic


Dear Americans and Europeans, the world is now instantly easy under your grab by means of your passports! Without so many requirements, your passports can be easily applied across nearly all countries worldwide (even though you should consider countries like Iran, Syria, or North Korea).

Nope, even if you don’t belong to these groups, at the least, you can expect yourself to be relieved, as long as you are either a Malaysian or a Singaporean, or even from sub-national entities like Hong Kong or Macau, the passports are acceptable in more than 150 countries worldwide. That said, you are much luckier than a Russian (whose preceding state, the Soviet Union, was once a superpower), or even someone from mainland China (whose country, analysts say, is being considered for the throne of superpower in the future; only 43 countries do accept their passports flesh-and-blood).

Nonetheless, my dear Indonesians, we are not that lucky, somehow; thanks to our low-sounding diplomatic prowess, only 53 countries acknowledge the validity of our documents with no other hullabaloos, much less widespread even to countries like Papua New Guinea (75 in total).

What about countries whose legal basis is being questioned by other sovereigns? Taiwan, thanks to its economic leverage and its remaining diplomatic prestige (22 countries, mostly small and underdeveloped, still recognize Taiwan as the sole successor of China), remains among the top, with 130 countries admitting their passports.

Afghanistan and Iraq may remain the least powerful states, but again, you should feel sorry for our fellows in Somaliland though. (they are completely unrecognized by any sovereign nation-state, but they succeed better than the rest of Somalia).



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