Movie title: The Day The Violinist Ends His Life

the day the violinist ends his life


Maybe I can add some revisions myself personally: World War II was just over, millions of people were displaced, and economic depressions were greatly severe following the massive devastation wreaked by constant battles. The violinist, an ordinary French with tremendous talents in playing violin – one so ingenious he could be dubbed a ‘prodigy’ – had to endure numerous post-war traumas he faced during the repressive past: some of his family members were executed by NAZI troops for waging underground resistance, internal conflicts that soon followed with the rest, and a repercussion of social turmoils as a consequence of all maelstrom already inflicted on France. He behaved violently towards his siblings, had to be admitted to a mental asylum for a few years, then fell in love with a woman for a while, only to sadly realize she was a left-leaning Communist sympathizer, later assassinated while waging a resistance campaign in North Africa.

There’s not much to say, but the ending will be what eventually becomes its domino’s effect: the violinist commits suicide.

And I bet this plot, were it made, were gonna flop.


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