The excommunication of Ajahn Brahm

ajahn brahm


Ajahn Brahm is admired as one of Theravada Buddhism’s most leading and open-minded monks, his ideas simple and direct, and most importantly, confronting the biases of human nature. His publications, with a cow dung-laden worm being his mascot, becomes hugely popular among readers of all groups (not limited to Buddhists), as these works, basing themselves on life stories, personal experiences, and contemplation he has encountered in decades, are no more than reflection of our flawed human nature, which tends to, despite knowing our mistakes, make them happen.

Nonetheless, maintaining his liberal open-mindedness doesn’t always seem to be his ‘fortune’ (he neither believes in fortune nor misfortune, anyway). Ajahn Brahm even had to pay a serious consequence, due in large part to some hard-line conservative opposition inside the sect themselves: he preordained four Theravada Buddhist nuns, one by which the religious sect completely restricts with.

Whether you agree with the sanction imposed or not (depends on whether you want to obey the centuries-old rules, or simply ‘make breakthroughs’), let me post you this link by Dhammaloka Foundation, which contains an in-depth paper written by the monk in regard to the importance of gender equality in religion. Read, and think again.

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