Culture Pub: the Internet’s ad database

culture pub


Why you should visit this website: it’s a very, very huge database of any kinds of weird, surreal, unique, creative, and oftentimes mind-boggling advertisements across the whole world (hundreds of countries, literally) you either have watched or thought you have watched it a long time ago, but have no ideas what they are advertising about. The only ‘problem’, though: it’s all reserved for les francais, or simply anyone living in a world of Francophone. But, still, as a solution of ‘last resort’, in case you can even hardly use your good guesses to understand some of these French phrases, you can rely on Google’s automatic-translation feature to let it interpret every word on it for you (but be prepared for typos, though).



Bonus: luckily they have the English version, as you can view it from their Youtube channel, The Ad Show.


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