Sebastian Junger: Why veterans miss war



Nobody loves war; that is obvious. Who can ever think about someone cherishing in the middle of ruins, amid the loss of lives, among dismembered bodies, shattered buildings, firefight, constant dangers from our circumstances, or sounds of continuous bombardments everywhere? Civilians loathe it, children do not want their future obliterated with it, mothers do not want to see their children live with it, wives not wanting their husbands to engage in it, and clearly, almost nobody wants a war.

But, despite all such furor, wars still take place. Throughout the lifetime of human civilization, countless battles have taken place, with innumerable losses held accountable for. Still, this is one of the most befuddling questions ever: we all hate war, but why can’t we stop it? What’s the underlying causa prima for such continual, patterned occurrences? What’s inside the minds of these leaders, and even these soldiers, for such belligerent causes they keep playing upon?

Journalist Sebastian Junger attempts to debunk, in this thought-provoking and emotionally charged TED talk, the ‘unexplained mysteries’ that these soldiers, in particular the veterans, keep inside their minds about combat experiences, and also as a start for us to rethink how to end a war in better ways.

Listen to it, and think deeper.



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