Minorities at Risk – Assessing ‘the vulnerable others’



Why you should visit this link: when it comes to ‘minority’, what comes up in your mind? There may be numerous possibilities you can envision about: being secluded from the majority, or discriminated against for the distinct traits, either they are physical, social, historical, religious, et cetera, that you possess, or worse, being exploited on numerous paces or extents, ranging from having your assets confiscated, or your identities denied, or worse, get yourselves deported or even end up murdered. Okay, such thoughts may be overly distant, but as a matter of fact, as many as 283 ethnic minorities, numbered in nearly 1 billion people worldwide, are being faced with those existent forms of menace. Numerous historical examples have taken place, and, having been compiled by this University of Maryland project, are presented in this website. Unfortunately, though, for unclear reasons, this project only cites references up to the year of 2006, and ever since, has barely updated any information. Still, despite such cessation, you can still have a clear understanding by looking at the data from each of those 283 ethnic minorities scattered across dozens of countries round the globe.

Bonus: it includes assessment for Chinese Indonesians, altogether with a complete, well-detailed chronology covering from 1990 to 2006.

Link: http://www.cidcm.umd.edu/mar/


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