Inside the world’s smallest, and most baffling, republic

donetsk people's republic


With today’s inauguration of Ukraine’s new president (the country’s Willy Wonka, Petro Poroshenko), the new government will be faced with a greatly daunting task: restore the sovereignty of Crimea, reform the nation’s ill-fated bureaucracy and economic stagnation, and most urgently, resolve the ongoing, worsening conflicts in East Ukraine which have escalated into an all-out war.

And here is this, one of the headaches Poroshenko surely will face: a movement of pro-Russian fighters now occupying an 11-story government office building, proclaiming People’s Republic of Donetsk,, one you unofficially can acknowledge as the world’s smallest republic, and also a highly absurd and farcical one.

The New Republic has dispatched its reporters to cover on this new micronation. Read the full article here.




On the tenth floor, we were greeted by a gang of hoodlums in track pants and beat up pointy leather shoes. One of them lazily pounded a black truncheon into black biker gloves. Another had one propped behind his neck. One young man in a blue t-shirt with ears like an Indian elephant had a Kalashnikov slung across his stomach.

“We need our accreditation stamped,” Max said.

We were told to wait for Yulia and sat around chatting to the hoodlums, who found a Russian and American a curious sight.

“Did you hear that Obama ran away?” said a man with a buzzcut, a blue tooth, and the eyes of a man who knows his way around the city’s alleys. 

“What?” I said. 

“Yes, yes,” he said. “He fled the White House and took a helicopter to his ranch in Texas.” 


“You haven’t heard?”


“And you call yourself a journalist,” he smirked. “You don’t even know anything.”


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