Movie title: A Beautifully Tormented Mind

a beautifully tormented mind


It suddenly reminds me of Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind. But I kinda imagine it would be absolutely fantastic if Charlie Kaufman got his absurdist hands dirty with this premise, though.

So, the story can be pretty much like this: an architect, an obsessive-compulsive loner, and one known to have designed countless surrealist structures in his life, falls so helplessly deep in love with a doctor, a woman of grace, of passion-driven missions to help save the impoverished. Okay, let’s say that the woman is so helpless enough as well that she eventually expresses her admiration and amour towards him, his genius, and his eccentricity. The two end up engaged, but as time goes by, something wrong distances the two, and as the distance becomes lengthier, the architect is so emotionally and mentally tormented that he wants to do whatever he can to please his spouse. Partially inspired by his imagination, and his wild-goose-chase to attain that eternal love, he proclaims himself that he wants to build a 1,000-story skyscraper, with his lover’s name on top of the edifice.

Alright, the plot itself has sounded too tormenting for me.


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