The Innovation of Loneliness – by Shimi Cohen


“We are sacrificing conversation for the sake of connection.”

While technology has obviously turned human connection into an increasingly intricate web than ever, particularly in such times of early 21st century, human beings are becoming increasingly lonely and isolated in their own worlds.

What makes it happen? Are we getting lost inside all these webs too complicating to sort them out?

We can befriend 1,000, 2,000, or even 10,000 friends online, but do we really know them? Can we really trust our feelings and emotions? Can we even engage one of them for a conversation?

Scientists have, after mathematical calculation, deducted that human beings can only get in maximum 150 persons into their own personal circles, but with the advent of online social media (and to 1.2 billion Facebook users, welcome to a brand-new world), is that reality diminishing?

Social media has enabled us to expand our horizon greater than ever, with new faces, with unexpected traits and other characteristics, appear in our lives. But, again, the existential question is: are we seeking friends, or are we ending up only seeking up connection for our own self-image?

Shimi Cohen will explore all these brilliant, thought-provoking, and ironic questions in this video, which, for those already excessively addicted to social media, will be particularly frightening.




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