Movie title: Drunken & Dead At the Midnight in Paris

drunken and dead at the midnight in paris


The singer, rather than finding himself going back to 1920s’ Paris, becomes increasingly disenchanted with his fellow partners, his producers, his manager, then the whole Parisian society, and eventually, of his own identity and self-existence.

Okay, it would be a bit unthinkable if Woody Allen directed this plot instead.

Movie title: The German Connection

the german connection


How the plot can be improved: the best time setting might be somewhere around 1960s or 1970s, during Cold War’s heightened tensions between United States and Soviet Union. The ‘hitman’, as I want to suggest, might be an illegal immigrant from East Germany, who, being penniless and illiterate in English, struggled to stay alive throughout his time in US, and how he ended up, in a downward spiral, reluctantly joined a White-supremacy organized crime group in Las Vegas (okay, this city might be a bit too mainstream; give me some other possible suggestions please).

Movie title: One Hundred Years of Jealousy

one hundred years of jealousy



It somehow reminded me, slightly, of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’. The parallelism, I think, could be like this: this plot may focus about inter-generational conflicts between the racist officer’s family and the colonel’s, and it may even be more interesting when ‘magical realism’ is added as an element of surprise: consider that one of the racist officer’s relatives, unexpectedly, has a monkey’s tail.

But, I’m feared this could be unfilmable though.

Diffen: compare (almost) anything



Why you should visit this website: you can compare almost everything, with extensive details, highlights of similarities and differences among the two things compared in numerous aspects, and even detailed backgrounds of the stuff mentioned. Only, and if only, you keep the scope of comparison realistic and relevant (say, when you input two objects you want to compare, for example, don’t expect any results when you enter ‘democracy’ versus ‘antibiotics’, or ‘Han Solo’ versus ‘Barack Obama’).

But, as this website is relatively new, you may not expect this website to be your personal genie. There are a lot of things – with relevant topic for comparison – by which you find no results (they may simply ask you to refer to Wikipedia, while sorting out some important phrases related to the things you want to compare). The best suggestion, still, is to keep browsing other similar websites to get your desired results.

Personally, though, it is still a great website for you to discover new knowledge and expand your horizon.



People’s Republic of Offshore

people's republic of offshore


An in-depth report about one of China’s most notorious, ongoing trends nowadays, as a by-product of its combined decades-old economic growth, the growing social inequality, political rivalries, and corruption: the capital flight, mainly led by government officials, their close relatives, and their surrounding cronies, which ends up in numerous offshore financial centers worldwide.

Read the full coverage in International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.




China’s Politburo Standing Committee is the all-powerful group of seven (formerly nine) men who run the Communist Party and the country. The records obtained by ICIJ show that relatives of at least five current or former members of this small circle have incorporated companies in the Cook Islands or British Virgin Islands.

China’s “red nobility” — elites tied by blood or marriage to the current leadership or Party elders — are also popularly known as “princelings.” Ordinary Chinese have grown increasingly angry over their vast wealth and what many see as the hypocrisy of officials who tout “people-first” ideals but look the other way while their families peddle power and influence for personal gain.

The leaked offshore records include details of a BVI company 50 percent owned by President Xi’s brother-in-law Deng Jiagui. The husband of Xi’s older sister, Deng is a multimillionaire real estate developer and an investor in metals used in cell phones and other electronics. The records show the other half of Excellence Effort Property Development was owned by yet another BVI company belonging to Li Wa and Li Xiaoping, property tycoons who made news in July bywinning a $2 billion bid to purchase commercial real estate in Shenzhen.

Since taking over as the Communist Party’s top official in 2012, Xi has sought to burnish his image with an aggressive anti-graft campaign, promising to go after official corruption involving both low-level “flies” and high-level “tigers.” Yet he has crushed a grassroots movement that called for government officials to publicly declare their assets. Wen Jiabao, who stepped down as premier in 2013 after a decade-long tenure, also styled himself as a reformer, cultivating an image of grandfatherly concern for China’s poor.