Movie title: When Bonnie Stutters

when bonnie stutters


This is another story about a prostitute. It could be, although somewhat unrelated, sequel to ‘Bonnie and Bonnie’, and it also could be that her name, again, is Bonnie. Another Bonnie, who stutters (that’s quite absurd), and who must, in her solitariness, free herself from an organized crime network’s vicious cycle, from police corruption, and eventually, struggle with death.

Will be even more interesting if Lars von Trier had some interest in this idea, and attempted to extend his ‘Depression Trilogy’ into a tetralogy.

Coldplay’s latest video clip is amazing


As the days towards Coldplay’s release of ‘Ghost Stories’ album are getting closer than ever, there is more for them to reveal their songs, bit by bit, in particular with ‘Magic’. A month or so before, we had tuned in to their song, but this time, as of April 7, the band’s official Youtube channel had already released the video.

Adopting styles completely different from those they used in another latest song, ‘Midnight’, which places heavy emphasis on psychedelic motions and trances, this video was shot in a black-and-white, silent-film format, reminiscent of that you saw in films from early 1920s. Lastly, add another striking feature that you never expect before (other than Rihanna or Jay-Z): Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, this time, took part in the filming process. The story, which I had better not reveal here (as you can look at the video yourself), looks compelling. Enjoy.