How an eBay seller profits from MH370

mh370 scam



Amid the darkness surrounding the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and with tremendous support and prayers it receives everywhere around the world, particularly on social media websites like Twitter with hashtag #prayforMH370, an unknown eBay seller attempts to monetize its popularity by setting up a website, and bidding it for his or her own profit.

Channeling online traffic flows using a specific tag towards your own website to gain more money? To any person making use of the trick, you are brilliant, but unfortunately, you are completely absent of your humane feelings. I don’t know what the underlying motives are for this person, but just, sense of humanity becomes a very lackadaisical by-product here.

Source: BBC Trending


This is what the eBay seller offers, anyway. Nevertheless, if you try to click right now, it looks like the website has been taken down.

mh370 bid


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