How to build a fictional world – Kate Messner


Imagination is an escapade of our real-world problems. Of troubles with our societies. Or that it is intended no more than a reflection of our daily lives, and our interaction with the outside world.

In imagination, we build worlds. We build worlds the way we want to be. Of how our imaginary creations should be about, of how rules are applied, creatures to be presented, and real-life scenarios to be bent down and rewritten, all in accordance to our perception.

There, we can create whatever worlds we want them to be; the whole universe inhabited by countless intelligent civilizations, one where some people are granted immortality, one where some can even defy physics – or any principles alike, or anything.

But for those who are seriously considering making the books out of this, the path is not as simple as it always is. While the commoners like us make beds of roses out of daydreaming, authors, or even novelists, will have to delve down, deep beyond the tip of the icebergs, to structure an entirely different world of ours.

This TED-ED talk, narrated by fellow author Kate Messner, will explain to us how to build an authentic fictional world, like the Middle-earth of J.R.R. Tolkien, or the Harry Potter’s universe of J.K. Rowling.

Listen, and think deeper.


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