An algorithmic method to win Oscars (or Razzies, I fear)

random oscar


Ambitious enough to win an Oscar? This Time Entertainment’s algorithmic system can let you build any possibilities.

Taking over 240 Best Picture winners and nominees from 1970s to present, altogether with over 12,000 different tags (as found on Internet Movie Database, or IMDB), this so-called ‘Random Oscar Winner Generator’ enables you to imagine billions, even trillions, of possible plot twists resulting from the combination of all those different tags, although some results may turn out to be irrational (or more possibly, Golden Raspberries-worthy), for example:

1. Genocide, sex, and writing collide for a gay lover in 17th century Brooklyn

2. Love, sex, and sadism collide for an evil emperor and a German gay general in 1940s Washington, D.C. (like something out of a gay porn, I suspect?)

3. Anti-semitism, friendship and prejudice collide in England for an American prime minister, a Jewish witness and an African-American

But some results are pretty much Oscar-worthy, for instance:

1. A piano player in 1950s Rome faces existentialism, infidelity, and unfaithfulness

2. Hope, honor and self discovery resound in Rome for a warden, a prisoner and a mistress

3. Hate, death and love confront a Chinese-American domineering father and a child in peril in the 1960s

Start the game here: The Random Oscar Winner Generator

With billions and trillions of probabilities, I wish you sincere good luck!



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