Hong Wrong: debunking Hong Kong’s black and white

hong wrong



Why you should visit this website: it’s naughty, it’s sassy, it’s (pretty much) brass, it cracks open, deep down the spines, of all the faults, all the misdeeds, all the painful historical memories, or even all the wrong sensation (mostly political) taking place in this so-called ‘Asia’s World City’. Nevertheless, deep inside, it also exposes to us all the wonders, the genius, the creativity, and last but not least, it’s not superficial. It truly opens to the world outside the real spirit of Hong Kong, of all its flaws and accomplishments, its awes and its ingenuity, and in short, it makes us even love this metropolis down deeper. Thank you, Tom Grundy! (founder of this awesome website)

Link: hongwrong.com 


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