Good News From Indonesia (GNFI): restoring confidence




Why you should visit this website: dear my Indonesian fellows, are you getting exhausted with nearly all the ‘bad news’ coming in to our minds, as always broadcast by much of our mass media recently? (answer yes!) We can’t deny that our country is imperfect. It has a huge mess of corruption cases, of poor bureaucracy, of dilapidated infrastructure, of our oftentimes incompetent government, or of our government’s farcical policies, wrong perception of culture, our fallacious mindsets, and indeed, it is inevitable to admit these facts. Despite all the shortcomings, though, we have beautiful islands, great natural scenery, rich traditional customs, a highly multicultural heterogeneity (imagine nearly 800 ethnic groups inhabit our country) to be proud of, plentiful natural resources yet to be explored, and, after you visit this website, way too many good things to be optimistic about Indonesia. Kudos to Akhyari Hananto! (founder of this website)


Note: not all the articles in this website are written in English.

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