Everything about Everything: a Spike Jonze blog

spike jonze blog



Why you should visit this website: Because the creator is Spike Jonze.

You know (even if you don’t know, I’ll tell you briefly), one of very few guys, who, in such times when we are slowly getting sick of remakes, reboots, CGI-heavy flicks, adaptations, or anything like the quadruple aside, has astonished Hollywood with his unconventional films. He has had ‘only’ four films in his hand, but each of them possesses its own unorthodox values. In Being John Malkovich, he surprised us by severely exploiting the actor himself (and unfortunately, he’s willing to be involved) as part of a ‘plot’ by which individuals, in a secret, mysterious portal, could access his mind and control him as they wish. Another one was Adaptation, by which he took the next turns on his long-time partner, Charlie Kaufman, and even introduced us his ‘procreated’ twin, Donald (he even didn’t have to be born, literally, to win an Oscar). And, he was also said to have ‘disappointed’ many of the children with his Where the Wild Things Are, a children’s film with a somewhat darker, and slightly depressing, tone (as the ‘monsters’ have displayed). His ‘love’ story, Her, one between a real human being and a non-real ‘human’ being, shook our foundation about the true definition of romance itself, particularly in modern times (or I should say post-modern?) when most of us are so increasingly entrenched in our own technological advances that we gradually become disenchanted with genuine human connection. And he made Joaquin Phoenix weep.

Because this is how Spike Jonze is all about.

His blog, posted in Her’s promotional website, is also similarly unconventional, in that many of the fundamental notions he posts here give credence to the inspiration behind his story (his personal divorce story aside). A hodgepodge of transhumanist art, post-modern designs, philosophical concepts, and sophisticated progress in technology, this is one you should pay a visit for.



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