How the Moon falls




A self-declared messiah. A sexual lust embalmed in religious rituals. A plan to dominate the whole world starting from America. A new religion (the Unification Church). An attempt for absolute puritanism. Extreme brainwashing. More lust for power. Sprawling businesses. A ‘perfect’ family gone wrong. More lust for power. A global political conspiracy involving spies, foreign agents, right-wing, anti-Communists paramilitaries, and huge military coups. More plans for global, universal domination. A deeper lust for power. And, eventually, the demise of the dynasty itself.

Be ready for surprises when reading the full article on New Republic.


Moon expected his followers to sacrifice everything, but this wasn’t true of his own family. His wife and children, who now numbered 13, had the run of East Garden and its lavish manors, one of which contained a bowling alley, six pizza ovens, and a waterfall in the dining room. Moon raised his brood like the royal children he believed them to be. They attended private schools and had tutors imported from Japan, fast cars, purebred horses, and even hunting weapons. Mrs. Moon was not deeply involved in their upbringing—according to former church members, she spent much of her time shopping. Tim Porter, an ex-member who grew up near the family compound, calls her the Korean “Imelda Marcos.”

The task of caring for the messiah’s children fell to his followers, who didn’t dare discipline them. “The Moon kids were like gods—completely and utterly exempt from the rules,” says Donna Orme-Collins, a onetime Unificationist whose father directed the British church. Moon’s eldest son, Steve, a plain, slender boy, was particularly brazen. In the late ’70s, he wasexpelled from an elite middle school for shooting students with a BB gun. Moon sent him to live with Bo Hi Pak, but Steve’s behavior only deteriorated. He started doing drugs and picking fights, and Pak was unable to rein him in. At one point, according to members of the Moon and Pak families, Pak even resorted to spanking his own son—a sweet, studious boy who went by the American name James Park—when Steve got out of line.


One thought on “How the Moon falls

  1. Too many jargon words in ur article
    I need google translate desperately

    But I respect how u think

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