A Chinese scientist envisioned his hypothesis of using laser satellites and asteroids to move a planet, or as Google Translate might make clearer from its Mandarin-to-English translation, ‘planet-kidnapping’, as the Earthlings wish. And his invention was now patented, under that seemingly Google-Translate title, ‘planet-kidnapping’.

The full report of the patent is available on Google Patents.

Source: Improbable Research

‘Praying to stop being an atheist’



Tim Mawson, the man behind this report.


A British philosopher wants to convince atheists to start praying again to stop being atheists. Download the full report in Springer.

Source: Improbable Research


“In this article, I consider what states of knowledge of the value of outcomes are consistent with a classical theist’s praying to God that He bring about those outcomes. I proceed from a consideration of the cases which seem least problematic (the theist knows these outcomes to be ones which would be, at least after they’ve been prayed for, best or at least good), through a consideration of cases where the outcomes prayed for are ones the goodness and badness of which the theist is agnostic about, to consider finally praying for outcomes that the theist knows would be bad at the time he or she is praying for them. I conclude that even prayers of this last sort should, albeit only on rare occasions, be prayed.” 

James Franco has a column for Vice




One of the Hollywood’s most eccentric actors has a blog for Vice, regularly updated since May 2013. In a column titled ‘A Few Impressions’ – although you can see too many Photoshop-ed impressions of himself in various movie scenes, like the one above, taken from Clint Eastwood’s Mystic Rivers – he discusses mostly about movies and Hollywood, and to a lesser extent, all the other things he thinks need, seriously, a few impressions.

Still, though, his column is, in its current form, incomparable to the masterful blog by late Roger Ebert. Or that statement is just plain unimpressive, you think?

Bonus: an article from James Franco I can recommend you is this: Are You a Nerd?