Infographics: 600 cities that will shape the world in 2025

mgi 600 cities



McKinsey Global Institute, one of the world’s most respectable business consulting firms, has actually released this interactive device two years ago, but to date, the database presented is still worth referencing. It includes complete GDP data for 600 cities worldwide (and mostly from developing countries) surveyed in 2010, altogether with their future forecasts in 2025.

As it turns out, most of the 600 cities that will drive future economic growth of the planet are concentrated solely on developing world, with a huge emphasis on major cities around East Asia, particularly China. As many as 216 Chinese cities are included in the list, a few of which may possibly contribute GDP of 1 trillion US$ upwards.

Other than China’s sprawling metropolises? A few hundred less well-known cities, for instance, Chittagong, Huambo, Medan, Vina del Mar, Port Harcourt, Pekanbaru, Kumasi, or Beihai, are also expected to have generated GDP up to 20 billion US$ for each of the cities included, driving the global economic growth not only to a faster pace, but also to a challenging phase many policymakers in Western countries will have to carefully reconsider.

Access more complete data on McKinsey Global Institute.

Get yourself directly to the interactive data set here.

Bonus: the institute even provides a full-version app, with complete data of over 2,600 cities worldwide, available either on iOS or Android. Nevertheless, because the app is easier to download on Apple Store, I will just refer the link instead to the former.

2 thoughts on “Infographics: 600 cities that will shape the world in 2025

  1. Cool interactive infographic after the jump. Thanks for share, sharing with my kids.

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