Stir fried wikipedia with a side dish of google

big bowls

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And the fucking restaurant presents… taken from Stuff U Can Use.



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Source: Oddee

Funny translations on Chinese restaurant menu


Natural-selection and flesh-eating sand menus are here. Source: My Funny Pics



A menu that requires a very long, and huge, cock. Source: Office Forward



Source: The Mad Traveler

And, last but not least, stir-fried Wikipedia.



Source: Language Log


Wait!! Waygo, an online translation app, has a special blog post dedicated, proudly, to the severe errors the app has made on multitudinous numbers of Chinese menus. Click here to see more.






Sincere chef presents: socialist lobsters




Bonus: such Chinglish mangling-fail was so apparently encountered in Shanghai during the 2010 World Expo that the municipal government had to assign more than 600 staff with high English fluency to fix signs, placards, and posters with such Google-translate English. The New York Times still had the article here online, though.

Google-translate English even became more proverbial when the newspaper also asked readers to submit pictures relating to mistranslated signs and posters. Though dating back to 2010, the slide show is still back here in the website.

Thank you for the picture, Language Log!