Indonesia’s petite dynasties



With the subsequent arrest of Banten’s long-ruling and ill-conceived governor, Ratu Atut Chosiyah, the democracy in Indonesia is brought to another spotlight: it has, under the pretext of seeding ‘majority-elected’ leaders, also indirectly spurred a new, massive growth in political dynasties, owning potentate-like power either in first-level administrative divisions (provinces, or as in Indonesian, provinsi), or the second-level counterparts (regencies, or as in Indonesian, kabupaten), or even municipalities (politically termed as kotamadya). To make things more complicating, it has now fueled a new string of addle-pated problems the central government finds it increasingly hard to solve, given the massive connection they obtain within political parties, mostly in coalition with current regime, that they have strongly built from grassroots to national levels.

Tempo and The Jakarta Post report the latest situation.

And here are some of the websites, as found on Google, which provide some of the lists (only in Bahasa Indonesia):

Indonesian Company News

Harian Merdeka

Harian Merdeka (2) (for English-language articles)



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